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Stack Exchange network consists of 174 QA communities including Zimmermann Floral SilkBlend Jumpsuit Visit Cheap Price vPvLy51s
, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

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Each web application you build is composed of objects that collaborate to get stuff done. These objects need to be instantiated and wired together for the app to work. In AngularJS apps most of these objects are instantiated and wired together automatically by the T by Alexander Wang Sleeveless Surplice Top w/ Tags Free Shipping 2018 New High Quality Buy Online Pay With Paypal Sale Online Shop Offer Cheap Shop Offer Xj1Cum9

The injector creates two types of objects, services and specialized objects .

services specialized objects

Services are objects whose API is defined by the developer writing the service.

Specialized objects conform to a specific AngularJS framework API. These objects are one of controllers, directives, filters or animations.

The injector needs to know how to create these objects. You tell it by registering a "recipe" for creating your object with the injector. There are five recipe types.

The most verbose, but also the most comprehensive one is a Provider recipe. The remaining four recipe types — Value, Factory, Service and Constant — are just syntactic sugar on top of a provider recipe.

Let's take a look at the different scenarios for creating and using services via various recipe types. We'll start with the simplest case possible where various places in your code need a shared string and we'll accomplish this via Value recipe.

Note: A Word on Modules

In order for the injector to know how to create and wire together all of these objects, it needs a registry of "recipes". Each recipe has an identifier of the object and the description of how to create this object.

Each recipe belongs to an Gingham Satin Ruffletrimmed Cottonjersey Tshirt Navy Clu Buy Cheap New EUnzo
. An AngularJS module is a bag that holds one or more recipes. And since manually keeping track of module dependencies is no fun, a module can contain information about dependencies on other modules as well.

When an AngularJS application starts with a given application module, AngularJS creates a new instance of injector, which in turn creates a registry of recipes as a union of all recipes defined in the core "ng" module, application module and its dependencies. The injector then consults the recipe registry when it needs to create an object for your application.

Let's say that we want to have a very simple service called "clientId" that provides a string representing an authentication id used for some remote API. You would define it like this:

Notice how we created an AngularJS module called myApp , and specified that this module definition contains a "recipe" for constructing the clientId service, which is a simple string in this case.

And this is how you would display it via AngularJS's data-binding:

In this example, we've used the Value recipe to define the value to provide when DemoController asks for the service with id "clientId".

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( NA )

So it's OK to ruin 5 other people's day for revenge against Riot?

Those 5 players on the enemy team are innocent, they have nothing to do with Riot's decisions. And taking frustration against Riot out on those 5 players is a really really shitty thing to do to them.

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( NA )

apparently if u exploit a system that the creators are too lazy to think of you deserve to be punished instead of rewarded to help the mode improve by showing a flaw

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( NA )

The problem isn't with a not killing strategy. The problem is with them not trying to even play the game but hold it hostage.

If they had been trying to cap the relics and win the game then it is a valid strategy. They weren't instead they were trying to force the game to last as long as possible instead of winning. This is trolling. Regardless of if you are trolling your team or the enemy team it is straight up trolling.

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kargish ( EUW )

The strategy is valid and viable

It's not about trying to win the classic fashioned way, the way this strategy works is simply to force the enemy to surrender. If they don't surrender then they are fine with keep playing, and thus the game carries on. If you can't beat this strategy, then go ahead and /ff. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am quite sure that 5-premade teams are matched with other 5-premade teams.

This is clever use of game mechanics, and is not banworthy in any way. We're literally being punished for thinking out of the box, because we can't have anything nice it would seem. It could easily be fixed but nah let's just enforce a rule instead.

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Luigi123a ( EUW )

So, a team does a fun stratergy or maybe they just randomly thought and talked about it if it could work, then try it like 5-8 times if it works, and instead of riot maybe first warning them specialy the one with the perma ban, just ban em ? For real now ?

Normal/Ramked games: inters, feeders, afk, open mid while the team doesn't want to, random reports, flame, spam, trolling in rankedFUN (or almost even troll already) MODE/ascencion: a different custom STRATERGY in a STRATERGY GAME.

for real.

Oh and btw, you won't be able to ban everyone doing that, there will now be so many Players doing it specialy scince some Youtubers did that stuff where like atlast 500.000 People saw it already alltogether, have fun banning them all Riot, I am sure the playerbase will enjoy that.Not like you could build in a cap at minute 30 or smth that the team with the most Points win or smth, noooo way.Oh, and i mean you can even laugh about that, i already had to face against one of these teams and i just laughed for the last 20 minutes(ofc we ffed but that's a funmode, who ducking cares about deaths/lost games?).But you know what isn't funny and where you don't do something against ?4 premades ducking off one single player, Flaming him, telling the enemy team to report him, and who do they belive ? The one guy, or the 4 guys ? HMMMMMM, so you get 9 reports for absolutly doing nothing without playing your game and even carrying at the end, well nothing happend yet with these reports, but i am sure they mark me as more often reported or badplayer for rito members, and I am sure this happend to everyone at last one time with over 400-500 games, it doesn't happen often, but it happens more often then this ascension stratergy.

And for real rito, if you give us ascencion for the 20th time while maybe poroking 2 times between and onetime dark star, it's no wonder that people are borred of playing it normaly, and do some off meta tactics, and it's not like the enemy team had to play that game and couldn't just ff, it's a fun mode who ducking cares about looses in it ????

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( EUNE )

Maybe if Riot didn't put out the same old game mode every 4 weeks people wouldn't go this far to find alternative ways to enjoy it.

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Spice POWAH ( NA )

I'm surprised so many people voted no on this.

While I don't think this counts as inting, it DEFINITELY counts as griefing.

The reasoning for this is because these people went into a premade with the intent of making the game miserable. It's basically the only reason they would do this.

Also, if they got banned for this, they probably got reported and punished a bunch of times, presumably.

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( EUNE )

Hell it's such a clear cut case, Amazon Free Shipping Authentic Carven Short Sleeve Polo Top Cheap Price Outlet Cheapest Price r2bR0tFLtG

This form of "strategy" exists in many games, and always ends in bans if bans can be given.People are just too stupid to read past the title, it's not a "different strategy", it's classical griefing.

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- 12 months ago

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